What I offer

Looking for an experienced business psychologist to help you take your business to the next level?

All my consultancy services are carefully designed to strengthen your company culture, improve leadership quality, bring out the potential in talents and support HR professionals in building a powerful people department.

How I helped others:

Leadership Quality

I coach and develop leaders to drive performance, engagement and motivation

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Talent Development

I help identify and grow talents to realize their full potential in the organization

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Trading Psychology

I help traders and trading teams maximise their performance and resilience

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High Performing Teams

I help teams align expectations and accelerate their joint development

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Emerging Leaders: People Management Essentials
Leadership Masterclass: Elevate Your Leadership Skills
Team Dynamics Masterclass: DISC Profiling & Team Workshop
Personal Development Insights: Hogan Profiling & Coaching
Individual Accelerator: 5 x Coaching Program
Trading Team Excellence Program: Team Edition
Personalized Trading Matery Program: Individual Traders