Trading Psychology

Trading is widely regarded as a very stressful profession due to high pressure, market volatility, risk of losses, long hours and emotional ups and downs.

15 years of experience with traders
I have worked with traders in the financial and energy sector for more than 15 years. The most successful traders possess discipline, risk appetite, adaptability and analytical skills but they also know their emotional reactions, and how to cope constructively when markets are pushing them out of their comfort zone. Luckily, all this can be developed by means of training and coaching.

My services to trading companies include:

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Trading Team Excellence Program: Team Edition

For trading teams of 3 or more members

Personalized Trading Matery Program: Individual Traders

For individual traders within cap- ital, financial or energy markets

Trading psychology

Learn about the psychology of trading and get three simple strategies to improve your trading performance

Trading Psychology Toolbox

Learn about the psychology of trading and effective coping strategies in this brochure, where you’ll also find specific ideas for individual and team development.