High performing teams

A cliché or not, a team is so much more than the sum of its parts. By acknowledging the strengths and contribution of each team member, and by building trusting relationships all teams can boost their growth, performance and collective wellbeing.

I have 20 years of experience working with teams on different levels, e.g. executive teams, middle management teams, trading teams and project teams. No matter the composition and purpose, I always “meet the team where it is” in its development. In collaboration with the team leader I aim at unlocking the potential of each team member and build on the joint strengths of the team.

My services include:

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Team Dynamics Masterclass: DISC Profiling & Team Workshop

Applicable for any team with 3 or more members

Trading Team Excellence Program: Team Edition

For trading teams of 3 or more members

Working together with HR teams

Is HR valued as much as Finance or Sales in your company? If not, that’s a mistake. HR should play a critical role in shaping the performance culture in any company.

Experience from the inside:

I was recently Chief People Officer in Danske Commodities, prior to that HR VP in Danske Bank, and before that head of Global HR in Saxo Bank. I know what good looks like and was appointed one of DK’s top 100 talents for my HR contribution in Saxo Bank

Your partner in tough times

I have managed large scale re-organisation and workforce reduction projects in Saxo Bank, Danske Bank as well as Danske Commodities.