Talent Development

Most companies train and develop their talents, but few apply a structured approach.

I help clients implement a holistic approach to selecting, assessing, stretching, and promoting their talents.

During a high growth phase in Saxo Bank there was a need for more new leaders than the bank could recruit externally and still maintain the corporate culture. The solution was a leadership pipeline which included the following steps:
Step 1:

Identification of employees with leadership potential

Step 2:

Well defined success criteria for leaders on all levels

Step 3:

Tailored training to accelerate development of new leaders

Step 4:

Adjustment of HR practices to support internal leadership recruitment

The Talent Factory

"In Saxo Bank we achieved great results in a short time. Today we recruit about 3/4 of our leaders internally while only 1/4 are recruited externally"

- Co-forunder Lars Seier Christensen

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