World Class Leadership is not complicated, but it is highly demanding!

I help clients build the leadership quality they strive for and need to complete their mission.

A powerful leadership team is aligned on what makes a great leader, how to tackle difficult situations, e.g. when an employee does not perform, how to select the best people for the team, how to manage, motivate and grow people.

Your ambitions combined with my experience and best practices, in developing leaders and accele­rating performance, make the perfectcocktail.

My services include:

The Leader`s Toolbox

In "The Leaders Toolbox” you can read more about the basic quali­ties and requirements to succeed as a leader, incl. 90 simple tools to help you get started.

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Emerging Leaders: People
Management Essentials

Managers with less than 5 years
of experience

Leadership Masterclass: Elevate
Your Leadership Skills

Experienced leaders or leadership

Personal Development Insights:
Hogan Profiling & Coaching

Leaders, specialists, talents

Individual Accelerator: 5 x Coaching Program

For leaders or talents

With great leadership comes great cultures

Most leaders acknowledge that having a performance culture is essential for company success. Bit most struggle to achieve it!

I help clients articulate what organiza­tional culture they want and how to achieve it.
Culture is the sum of behaviours in an organisation. It reflects predomi­nant assumptions and “how we do things around here”, i.e. what we celebrate, who we promote, how we follow up on poor per­for­mance, what projects we prioritize, how you communicate and react on failures, etc.

Step 1:

What culture do you dream of?

Step 2:

What characterizes your current culture (behaviours and mindset)?

Step 3:

Closing the gap by adjusting current HR practices, people and leadership behaviours, organisation structures and processes

Step 4:

Follow up on progress, dealing with issues and celebrating of successes

“Leadership cooks culture for dinner“

Learn more about how we worked systema­tically with the perfor­mance culture in Danske Commodities – get a free chapter of our book